What Is The Heart Behind the Man

                Easy to close off around a partial world view ....
                                  & waste time not growing shared prosperity that spills over
                                     by a whole embrace of Immeasurable Love's Intention...

                 Surprisingly, strongest convictions about God, self & others
                                                                     can also become strongest blocks
                                  .                   to communication & efforts 4 what we all need & want...

                                                Whose life experience is not without limitations of awareness ...  
                                                Judging self & others defensively from familiar boxes of value
                                                          is found to be mutually deadly for world peace ... 
                                                                Easy to react & conclude out of context ...

                                                    May we know the man in this book by the bigger picture 
                                                         of his whole life as 'A Peace-Loving Global Citizen.'
                                                    May we not read to agree or disagree by our own so-far 
                                                        experience & motives, so that we can go beyond that
                                                 to stretch our hearts to hear motive & content of another life 
                                                to be enriched by all the ways it may be different from our own.
                                                    Indeed, this life does seem an extreme historical nuance.   
                                               By that willingness, many have realized more about themselves
                                                            & opened up to a healing & magnanimous level 
                                                     of the interdependent cooperation needed for families
               to share & preserve God's resources on earth
                                                    & safely pursue Love's potential as 1 human family.

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some further thoughts:​​        

                                                                      ​​​ R U a timeless heart  identity?

             R U a world-peace parent...?

                                                                  Why would a Global Peace Leader 
                                                                    need to be a King of Suffering...?

                                             Can our hearts know love greater than all suffering...?

                                              How to live ways of peace historically  unfamiliar...?

                                                     ​Is healed  lineage on earth the Root of peace...?

                                     If God & Jesus were to come before you 
                                            & teach the truth to you directly 
                      what are the chances They would teach some things 
                       very surprising to your own so-far religious beliefs?
​   Let's all ask for & make room for  t h a t  direct teaching about all things ...​

                      Was Jesus a shocking revolutionary of His own times?

                                Could obedience to The 1st 2 Commandments
                                                                          'to Love' 
                                    by highest standards of sacrificial giving 
                                                           4 God and all others
                                     be key to the unity & realization on earth 
                           of our harmony in all Scriptural and other Truths?

​If  Adam and Eve betrayed their own truth course from True-Love God,  
how would we, who are all born of them,  even know the difference between 'true' love and 'false' love ...?  ​​ Ultimately, to form the originally-intended truth world of humanity, wouldn't we need both spiritual and physical True-Love Parents of The Godly Seed to be right here with us on earth, and teach us true-love family ways that have not been our ways ?     

                                                                        What would ideally exemplify 
                                                  annointed, cosmic Fathering/Parenting for lasting peace
                                                  ​           on earth, as in Heaven, in our own time...?

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                            toward more peace-motivating & rich awareness

Eight  Chapters   follow

Table of Contents:

                                  2        What I Learned about Peace while Being Carried on My Father's Back
                                  8        The Joy of Giving Food to Others
                                  12       Being a Friend to All
                                  16       A Definite Compass for My Life
                                  23       Stubborn Child Who Never Gives Up
                                  20       Loving Nature to Learn from It
                                  37       Talking about the Universe with the Insects
                                  41       Ardent Student

                                  45       CHAPTER TWO:  MY HEART FLOWS WITH A RIVER OF TEARS
                                  46       Between Fear and Inspiration 
                                  51       The More It Hurts, the More You Should Love
                                  56       A Knife not Sharpened, Grows Dull
                                  61       A Key to Unlock a Great Secret 
                                  66       Like a Fireball Burning Hot 
                                  69       Befriending Laborers by Sharing Their Suffering 
                                  75       The Calm Sea of the Heart
                                  78       "Please Don't Die"
                                  84       A Command That Must Be Obeyed        
                                  93       A Grain of Rice Is Greater Than the Earth
                                  98       Heungnam Prison in the Snow
                                  103      U.N. Forces Open the Prison Gate

                                                         AND SUFFERING
                                              110      "You Are My Spiritual Teacher"
                                              115      The Crazy, Handsome Man by the Well
                                              119      A Church with No Denomination
                                              124      Two Universities Expel Students and Professors 
                                              128      New Buds Grow on Scorched Branches 
                                              132      We Are Trained by Our Wounds 
                                              135      A Sincere Heart Is Most Important

                                              143      CHAPTER FOUR:  LAUNCHING OUR GLOBAL MISSION
                                              144      Following God's Path with No Thought for My Life
                                              148      Money Earned Honorably, Used Prayerfully
                                              151       Power of Dance Moves the World
                                              154      Angels Open a Path through a Dark Forest      
                                              158      World Tour

                                              161       Last Plane to America
                                              167      Our Future Lies with the Ocean
                                              172      My Hope for a New American Revolution
                                              176      Washington Monument, 1978
                                              182      "Shed Tears for the World, Not for Me"
                                              185      "Why Does My Father Have to Go to Jail?"

                                              189      CHAPTER FIVE:  LOVING FAMILIES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD
                                              190      My Wife, Hak Ja Han
                                              196      An Incomparable Inner Beauty
                                              202      Promises That Must Never Be Broken
                                              207      To Love Is to Give and Forget
                                              211       The Peaceful Family Is the Building Block of Heaven
                                              214       Ten Years of Tears Melt a Father-in-Law's Heart
                                              218       The True Meaning of Marriage
                                              222       True Love Is Found in True Families 
                                              226        Leaving Behind a Legacy of Love

                                              233       CHAPTER SIX:  LOVE WILL BRING UNIFICATION
                                              234       The Power of Religion to Turn People to Goodness 
                                              241       The River Does Not Reject the Waters that Flow into It
                                              245       "Allow Freedom of Religion in the Soviet Union"
                                              252       Korea's Unification Will Bring World Unification 
                                              257       My Meeting with President Kim Il Sung
                                              263       The Land May Be Divided, but Not Its People
                                              270       Not by Guns or Swords, but by True Love

                                              275       CHAPTER SEVEN:  FUTURE OF KOREA, FUTURE OF THE WORLD
                                              276       Global Harmony Starts on the Korean Peninsula
                                              282       From Suffering and Tears to Peace and Love
                                              286       The Goal of Twenty-first Century Religion
                                              291       Cultural Projects Express God's Creativity
                                              297      Master of the Seas and the Future of the World 
                                              301       Great Opportunity in the Oceanic Era
                                              307      A Single Dandelion Is More Precious Than Gold
                                              312       Solution to Poverty and Hunger
                                              317       Going Beyond Charity to End Hunger 

                                              321       CHAPTER EIGHT:  NEW VISION FOR YOUTH
                                              322       Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life
                                              326       Embrace the World 
                                              331       Everything We Have Is Borrowed from Heaven 
                                              335       Happiness Is a Life Lived for Others
                                              339       Dreaming of a Peaceful World